Top 8 places to visit in Luquillo Puerto Rico

Luquillo Puerto Rico

In the east area of the Island, one of the best areas to visit where spirit is lived and breathed all year is Luquillo Puerto Rico.

The famous “Capital del Sol”, as the city is called, is just 5 minutes from the Gran Melia Hotel and Windham Rio Mar ,and around 20 minutes away from El Conquistador.

Luquillo countless natural beauties and entertainment venues for those who decide to spend one or more days to give. Here are some of those destinations that give a special air to the municipality.

1. Balneario La Monserrate

This beach is one of the most recognized of all the Island. Its calm waters are perfect for the enjoyment of all in the family. It has camping area, showers, restrooms, kiosk, basketball court, parking and some gazebos.

2. La Pared (The Wall)

If you are a surfer and furthermore like strong waves, you should visit La Pared. Bordering the beach was built a boardwalk with mosaics that nicely enhance the background scene. In addition, in the same street are innumerable restaurants and businesses that are usually very popular with the public. La Pared is a tourist destination that you must put on your list.

3. Costa Azul (Blue Coast)

A little beyond La Pared, located at the end of the boardwalk on Herminio Díaz Navarro Street, is this beach known for its breeze and tropical beauty. Its palms and sand just steps from the road make this beautiful area a very popular with visitors.

4. Playa Azul (Blue Beach)

Its name responds to its location in front of the three condominiums named Playa Azul. It is an ideal place for bathers and for those who love performing water sports such as snorkeling, paddle board, kayaking, beach volleyball, among others.

5. Waterfall Las Pailas

Luquillo Puerto Rico is not only beach. Another of this municipality’s attractions is one of the most versatile when it comes to tourism, as it has the imposing Sierra de Luquillo. This is where this beautiful waterfall with its natural stream of crystalline waters emanates directly from the bowels of the mountains.

6. The Family Museum

The antiquities museum “La Familia” was founded by the Luquillo Israel Torre Maldonado about 15 years ago. This museum is divided into three sections and has more than 20 thousand antique pieces. In addition most of these collectibles date back to the 40’s, 50’s or more. The Museum is located on highway 983 km 5.9, Barrio Sabana and for more information you can call (787) 889-5368.

7. Carabalí Ranch

This hacienda has all kinds of adventures. In addition to being able to ride horses on a farm, there are also paths to run “mountain bikes” and “four tracks”, as well as go-karts track. In addition, Carabali has a restaurant and a hostel with swimming pool.

8. Luquillo Kiosks

Finally, an area that decades ago was a composed of simple locations selling basic Puerto Rican delights has now become a restaurant bonanza with tons of choices. From local food to Italian, and everything in between, you have to eat here to believe it!

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