Top 10 Tips when you travel to Puerto Rico

travel to Puerto Rico<

Are you going to travel to Puerto Rico soon?

Follow these easy recommendations during your visit, have a great one!

1. Leave your passport at home! Avoid the hassles of customs and immigration lines by traveling to Puerto Rico, where no U.S. passport is required for travel between the United States and the Island! Learn more

2. Shed your winter coat and gloves in lieu of resort-wear. Remember to pack your favorite bathing suit, pair of shorts and sandals.

3. Pack all your liquids and gels in a one-quart sized plastic bag, all in 3 ounce containers or smaller. U.S. Federal regulations do not allow anything more than that onboard the airplane.

4. Don’t forget to pack bug repellent for your adventure, especially if you’ll be visiting a rainforest.

5. Book your favorite experience with one of our Tour Operators

6. Bring plenty of sunscreen if you’re planning to go to the beach or one of Puerto Rico’s amazing outdoor attractions.

7. Bring your favorite music player or streaming service when you travel to Puerto Rico and make sure to download some podcasts before leaving home!

8. Take advantage of airlines’ online check-in to get you some extra sleep-in time before heading to the airport.

9. Bring your credit cards or cash for all the shopping you’ll do on your vacation. All major credit cards are accepted here, and we also use US currency!

10. Be sure to wear shoes that you can easily take off during the security checkpoints at the airport!

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