Things to do in Puerto Rico, the official list!

thing to do in puerto rico

If you are planning to visit the Island, this official things to do in Puerto Rico list summarizes some of the must see places you have to check out during your vacations.

Bioluminescent Bays

There are three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico: La Parguera, Fajardo and Isla de Vieques, where a typical phenomenon occurs on the open sea, but is rare on the coast. Every night, the waters of this sheltered bay shine when they are agitated by the waves. The explanation for this unusual spectacle is found in microorganisms called dinoflagellates, which react by releasing light when they come in contact with a body or object. That is why bathing in this beach – which can be accessed by kayak – is one of the things to do in Puerto Rico.

  Boquerón and Guanica

These two fishing villages, located in the southwestern corner of Puerto Rico, are home to an area of ​​beaches and charming forests. In the case of Guánica, moreover, it is not necessary to lose sight of the fascinating Island Guilligan.

  Maricao State Forest

Located in the extreme west of the Central mountain range and with an area of ​​4.159 hectares, is on horseback of the municipalities of Sabana Grande and Maricao. Possessing an admirable state of conservation, in its fertile soils grow the largest number of endemic species of Puerto Rico. The same happens with the 60 types of birds that inhabit it, half of which are native.

  Black Tortoise State Forest

Located between the municipalities of Orocovis, Jayuya, Ponce, Juana Díaz and Ciales, this beautiful green lung welcomes the highest peak of the island: Cerro Punta (1,338 m above sea level). Blessed by a beautiful subtropical forest – this is a third of its surface – the place is a compendium of evocative trails, towering waterfalls, lakes and rest areas.

  Caguas Puerto Rico

Founded in 1775, this autonomous municipality in the east of Puerto Rico has as its claim – in addition to its interesting urban network – two interesting museums: the Tobacco Museum and the Art Museum. Likewise, it is not necessary to ignore the attractions that treasure the areas located in its western limit. Among them are Cayey and Cidra, mountain areas of great tipismo and in which you can visit interesting restaurants.

  Fajardo Puerto Rico

Located in the northeastern end of Puerto Rico and with a population of more than 13,000 inhabitants, it is the most sought after destination on the island by lovers of water sports and its famous Beach.

In this town, a number of establishments, dive centers and resorts that organize boat routes and dives open their doors. At the same time, another of the complaints of the place is that, in the environs, the marine depths harbor ships and sunken galleons.

  Isabela – Rincon

The northwestern sector of the Puerto Rican coast is a real treat for those looking for beautiful beaches to rest or enjoy surfing.

  Culebra and Vieques Islands

These two secondary island territories, accessible by ferry from the northeastern town of Fajardo, are the perfect option for those who wish to venture into pristine natural areas and soak up the beauty of what may be one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

In Culebra, await one of the oldest bird sanctuaries in the United States. (With more than 50,000 birds of 15 different species) and beaches such as Playa Flamenco, Cayo Martín Peña and Culebrita, while in Vieques you can enjoy the beaches of Red Beach, Blue Beach, Media Luna and Sun Bay. Also, Vieques, also known as Isla Nena, has one of the main bioluminescent coasts of the world: Bahía Mosquito.

  Jayuya Puerto Rico

This locality, which owes its name to an indigenous leader, is one of the must see places in downtown Puerto Rico. Among his greatest complaints are the Nemesio Canales Museum (dedicated to the important politician and local writer), the Cemí Museum or the area of ​​La Piedra Escrita: imposing megalith, where the Taino writers sculpted their symbolic figures. Towards the third weekend of April, the population hosts the lively Tomato Festival.

Luquillo Puerto Rico

It is the perfect choice for those looking for moments of relaxation in the shade of the palm trees. Equally, there is no need to stop recharging forces in the so-called kiosks of Luquillo, a rosary of beach bars and restuarants located between the beach and the adjacent road. In addition, there are companies that allow you to make excursions on horseback in the area.

  Mayagüez Puerto Rico

Located at the western end of the island, this idyllic town is dotted with charming alleys and its imposing Plaza de la Alcaldia. Once there, it is advisable to taste the star of the local pastries: the delicious gypsy arm.

  Toro Verde Adventure Park

Located near Orocovis and recently opened, this complex will delight ecotourism fans and outdoor sports. Among the activities offered by the site, there are proposals such as mountain biking, climbing or rappelling. However, the flagship of the park is the so-called La Bestia Tour, whose 1.4 km journey makes it the largest zip line in the world. All an invitation to download adrenaline.

  Park of the Caverns of the Camuy

The northwest of the island has a claim difficult to find in any other corner of the planet. In fact, this enclave runs the waters of the Camuy River, one of the longest underground rivers in the world. This river course makes its way into a primitive karst limestone region. In addition to a pleasant walk through a wooded area, the traveler will enjoy caves of unquestionable beauty.

  Plaza las Américas shopping mall

This shopping center, located just 15 minutes from the historic center of San Juan de Puerto Rico, is the largest in the entire Caribbean. In its more than 300 commercial establishments, it stands out the presence of firms such as Macy’s, Modérnica (Apple), GAP, Banana Republic, Armani Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, BCBG, Façonnable, Lacoste, Victoria’s Secret or Carolina Herrera. A gift for lovers of shopping.

Ponce Puerto Rico

Known for the evocative nickname of the Pearl of the South, this beautiful city unfolds in the center of the southern coast. Possessing an unmistakable colonial atmosphere in its historical center, it has as nerve center the Plaza de las Delicias, where public life is concentrated and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe (1670) stands. In 1984, seo became part of the Puerto Rican national heritage. In the same way, you also have to approach until the castle of Serrallés, the nth remnant of the Spanish presence on the island.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Located in the western end of Puerto Rico, this beach destination is the mecca par excellence of surfing fans, especially in winter. Anyway, any visitor will enjoy the magnificent sea views at Rincon Beach Resort, a resort with all the amenities make it one of the main things to do in Puerto Rico.

 San Germán Puerto Rico

Located in the southwest of Puerto Rico, it is one of the oldest towns on the island. In the same way, it is one of the localities that have been able to preserve with more success its remarkable architectural heritage of the colonial period. And is that to discover its street-maker implies to make a trip in time, until going back to the moment of greatest height of the Spanish domination. Within its monumental legacy, it is possible to underline wonders such as its beautiful religious buildings. In this section, you can see places like the Cathedral of St. Germain of Auxerre (originally from the 16th century) or the simple church of Porta Coeli (1606).

  San Juan Puerto Rico

Besides being one of the cities that have been able to recover its old town, San Juan (with almost 400,000 inhabitants) is also the capital of the island. Founded in 1521 by Juan Ponce de León, it is the second oldest city in the New World. One of its main attractions lies in the urban layout of its historic center, designed in the 16th century by the Spanish conquistadors.

On this are settled buildings and residences somewhat more recent, erected between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It is precisely here that the main assets of the town are concentrated, headed by the fortresses of San Cristobal and the castle of San Felipe del Morro (16th century), which remind the traveler of the last moments of Spanish occupation.

Due to their great importance, both defensive constructions, as well as the historical site of San Juan (known as Old San Juan), were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1983. It also deserves the visitor’s attention such wonders as the cathedral Of San Juan Bautista (1529), the Fort or Palace of Santa Catalina (1533-1540, current residence of the governor of Puerto Rico), the chapel of the Christ, White House (owned by the Ponce de León family until the middle of the eighteenth century).

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