Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

scuba diving

Puerto Rico’s tropical waters are a divers paradise

The average ocean temperature is 81F and underwater visibility averages from 60 to 75 feet near the beach. Offshore is easily 100 feet or more! While experienced people who like scuba diving may prefer boat diving, there are countless sites especially on the northeast coast near Aguadilla and Isabela for equally impressive shore diving.

The most exciting dives are made near Desecheo Island off Rincon, off Mona Island, 50 miles west of Mayaguez, and off Culebra and Vieques. For snorkeling, the shallow reefs near San Juan, Dorado, Mayaguez and Humacao are perfect. If you are a beginner in snorkeling, most major hotels and many dive shops offer SCUBA classes and snorkeling instruction.

Wherever you go underwater you are likely to find tropical flora and fauna that easily eclipse the most beautiful aquarium you have ever seen. Some Scuba Diving groups get up close and personals with sea horses that look like chess set knights, unusual arrow crabs, colorful parrot fish, and octopus, among the endless schools of sergeant majors and other colorful reef fish. Scuba Diving Magazine Announced 2006 Readers Choice Awards – Puerto Rico Named One of Top Five for Shore Diving

One of the best destinations

Readers of Scuba Diving magazine have named Puerto Rico as one of the Top Five Destinations for Shore Diving in the Caribbean/Atlantic region The 2006 Readers Choice Awards were announced in the January/February issue of Scuba Diving. Puerto Rico was also honored as being one of the Top 20 Overall Dive Destinations in this region for snorkeling also.

Thousands of Scuba Diving subscribers and web users rated their experiences at dive destinations on a scale of one to five. Final scores, which are listed in the magazine, represent the percentage of fours and fives awarded. A minimum number of responses were required for a destination to be included in the ratings.

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