Puerto Rico travel information

Getting to Puerto Rico almost always means flying to Luis Muñoz Marín (LMM) International Airport. The gleaming white terminal located just outside of San Juan is ranked 34th among passenger airports in the United States.

Most U.S. and many international airlines offer direct flights to Puerto Rico, and making connecting flights is easy. LMM is one of the largest airports in the Caribbean and is a popular place for hopping over to the U.S. Virgin Islands and other Caribbean destinations.

Transferring from the airport to your hotel usually requires taking a taxi, although some hotels provide complimentary transportation to their properties in special buses. Puerto Rico Tourism Company representatives at the airport will assist you in finding the right transportation. Major car rental agencies are located at the airport, and others offer free transportation to their off-airport sites. From North America

2 ½ hours from Miami 3 ¼ hours from Atlanta 3 ¼ hours from New York 3 ½ hours from Washington, DC 4 ¼ hours from Toronto 4 ½ hours from Chicago and Dallas 7 ½ hours from Los Angeles From Latin America

2 ½hours from Caracas 5 ¾ hours from Mexico City 11 hours from Sao Paolo From Europe

7 ¾ hours from Madrid 10 hours from Paris 10 ¼ hours from Brussels 12 hours from London

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