All you need to know about Groupon Puerto Rico

Groupon Puerto Rico

After 4 years operating in the Island, Groupon Puerto Rico stopped selling any more discount coupons, according to the portal, through emails sent to its users and in an online message on its web platform.

With this announcement, the company specifies its definitive departure from Puerto Rico, which began in May 2014 when it announced the closure of its offices in the country.

“We regret to inform you that since September 22, 2015 Groupon has finished its operations in Puerto Rico and for that reason you cannot access the offers,” reads the message posted on the website .

“We have not made this decision lightly. We have evaluated all the markets where Groupon operates by equating the growth potential and investment required. After this analysis we have taken the difficult decision to discontinue operations in the country, “the company explained via e-mail.

“We’re sorry we can not offer you deals today and thank you for your interest in Groupon,” said Groupon.

In 2014 the company had taken savings measures in January when it reduced its workforce from 48 to 12 people.

However, due to “demographic changes of Puerto Rican consumers,” the company decided to close its local office, which translates into the immediate dismissal of 12 people from the areas of marketing, sales, business management, resources Human and financial.

Since that time, the services of the online sales platform were maintained on the Island, but operated from Mexico.

Groupon Puerto Rico was established in 2011 and generated between $ 5.5 and $ 5.6 million annually. The company was created in 2008 in Chicago, United States, and its approach seeks to attract customers by selling discounted goods and services.

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