Tips to use Craiglist Puerto Rico

Craiglist Puerto Rico

Craigslist Puerto Rico is available for the region, however not many people know about it. Craiglist an online classified ad website where users post ads in categories such as Services, For Sale, Jobs, Housing, Community and Personal. Craigslist allows their own users to interact with one another following certain guidelines.

How to post Ads

Craigslist has different categories for ad posting. You don’t necessarily need an account to post an ad. Creating an account however allows you to revise or delete your postings. The ad may take a few minutes to appear in the category on the selected Puerto Rico city’s Craigslist page.

How to find Ads

Select the closest city from Puerto Rico on the right side of the page. The main page of your city’s page shows the ads listed under main categories. There are also Subcategories for specific items you may want. Click on the desired category to see a list of all ads posted . You have the option of sorting the ads with different rules.

Responding to Ads

On Craigslist Puerto Rico, all transactions happen between the buyer and the seller with no middle person involved. An interested seller contacts the person with for any inquiries then they decide if they will commit to buy an item and later make the arrangements to meet. Craigslist does not show the sellers for security purposes and automatically forwards to the seller’s personal email address any messages. Users can choose if they want their actual email addresses on the Craigslist version when creating an ad.

Craiglist is great, but be Safe

Since you interact with strangers on Craigslist in Puerto Rico, as in any other country take precautions when inquiring about an ad, and gibing out personal information.

It is recommended to to meet in a public location, such as a busy parking lot. Police stations and their nearby surroundings are also a good alternative for Craigslist users to meet for transactions. It’s best if you bring someone along, or tell another person where you are going. If the situation seems shady or dangerous, trust your instincts and leave. Never send money or pay before meeting with the person.

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