Cheap flights to Puerto Rico during the year

Cheap flights to Puerto Rico

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, was selected by Forbes magazine as one of the 30 cheapest destinations to travel this year. Cheap flights to Puerto Rico during the year are among the main reasons.

For the election, the magazine was based on the recommendations of 14 travel experts in the world that also considered cheap tickets seasonality.

Among the experts, the founder of Jet Set Sarah, Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, was the one who recommended the northern municipality to be included in the list. “The best way to get a deal in the Caribbean is to travel during the off-season (from April to mid-December) to destinations that have frequent and frequent flights from your front door, a lot of hotel inventory, Old San Juan is charming, and if you stay within the radius of the old town of two square miles, you will not need to rent a car to access excellent restaurants, sightseeing and shopping, “Greaves-Gabbadon told Forbes.

“American citizens can save the cost of a passport, since it is not necessary to visit (Puerto Rico), and since the US dollar is legal tender, there is no money lost in the currency exchange. And Villa Herencia are two of my favorite boutique / low-cost hotels, “added the expert.

Likewise, Forbes said that 2017 will be ideal for travel as the cheap flights to Puerto Rico could even decline more in pricing, according to American Express Global Business Travel.

The rest of the list consists of:

-Mazatlán, Mexico
-South Africa
-Creta, Greece
-Costa Rica
-Barcelona, Spain
-Bonaire and Curacao
-Las Vegas, Nevada
-Bali, Indonesia
-San Luis Potosí, Mexico
-Quebec City, Canada
-Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Isla Santa Catalina, California Coast
-Cusco, Peru
-Georgia, Europe
-Dallas, Texas

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