Canyoning Adventure in Puerto Rico

Canyoning resembles caving in many ways, but “canyoneers” jump, climb and rappel down open air sheer cliffs along the rushing waters of Puerto Rico’s rivers. Tanamá River

The Tanamá River, south of Arecibo in the Central Mountains, has adventure written all over it, but it is only for thrill-seekers in good physical condition. This river is set along a beautiful landscape nestled in the primeval karst forest.

Hike through a limestone forest, explore Cueva del Arco (Arch Cave), and rappel down sheer limestone walls to the river below. Finally drift down the languid river (or cross it by zip line during days where the river is swollen by moderate or heavy rains) and enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal prepared at the self sufficient Perez family house.

For information and reservations on adventuring in the Tanamá River, contact ACAMPA, (787) 706-0695 or visit

Explore nearby Ventana (Window) Cave and be dazzled by the beauty one of the most striking valleys in Puerto Rico. If you are interested in visiting this cave, please contact COPLADET (787) 765-8595 or visit Canyoning Adventure

Ride the waterfalls and experience the thrill of “canyoning” in rarely visited areas near El Yunque rainforest. Overcome white water rapids and sheer cliffs by rappelling along waterfalls, crossing four exciting zip lines, leaping from rocks, splashing into the river below, and much more. For information and reservations for Canyoning adventures, contact Aventuras Tierra Adentro (787) 766-0470 or visit

If you’d rather do with a little less adventure, you can still visit The Caribbean National Forest, better known as El Yunque, where several marked hiking trails take you to majestic crags and rushing waterfalls.

This is the only tropical rainforest managed by the U.S. Forest Service and is also designated as a United Nations World Biosphere Reserve. It is well known for its dozens of trails, tropical flora and fauna, waterfalls and it is home to the local Puerto Rican parrot. Observation towers are available in different areas of the forest. Over 50 species of orchids, 150 kinds of ferns and 68 bird species will surround you.

Come and enjoy this tropical paradise, better known as the “lungs of Puerto Rico”, in a unique and exciting way. For hiking information, call the El Yunque Catalina Field Office (787) 888-1880/1880 during weekdays. Plan your El Yunque adventure with one of Puerto Rico’s El Yunque Tour Operators. How to Get to Visit El Yunque

From San Juan, take Road 3 to Rio Grande, then Road 191 to El Yunque. For an amazing experience, contact one of the following scuba diving operators:

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