An easy Puerto Rico vacation!

puerto rico

Puerto Rico beckons active travelers interested in spicing up their vacations! From hiking in a forest, to dining on the infusion of classic and delectable Caribbean cuisine, to romantic walks on a moonlit beach, virtually any type of Puerto Rico vacation interest can be accommodated in the land of your dreams.

The Perfect Destination

Just a short flight from North, South, and Central America, the Island’s warm Caribbean location is ideal to host your wedding, honeymoon, or meeting for an easy Puerto Rico vacation.

Charming Inns, Exciting Resorts

Puerto Rico features a wide range of accommodations. Escape to a secluded small inn or paradores, or relax at one of the world class resorts along Isla Verde featuring hot night clubs and cool casinos. Plan Your Trip

Planning your trip is easy with our Interactive Map. It can help you find attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and a place to stay. Save your plan or mail it to friends and family.

No U.S. Passport Required U.S. citizens do not require a passport to travel between the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Learn more about travelers’ requirements for non US Citizens.

U.S. Dollars Accepted The currency of Puerto Rico is the U.S. dollar making purchases on the island hassle free.

Just a Short Hop Away Arrive in Puerto Rico in as little as 21/2 hours by commercial air from major U.S. cities.

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