A kid friendly vacation in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a more kid friendly destination than most of us are led to believe when planning our vacations with kids. After spending time with my sons I can safely say the Island is perfect for the little ones!

There is a definite shift in the air when you exit a plane from Washington, D.C. and arrive in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Everything is different from the temperature to the people to the vibe. We made a wise decision in that we split our time between Old San Juan and a beach resort.

In Old San Juan, we stayed at a friend’s quaint apartment which made it very convenient for sightseeing. We had the flexibility to walk and explore the area but we could also easily come home and let the kids take a nap or find some respite from the heat.

El Morro, a fortress built to protect the city from sea invaders, was our first stop. Fortresses are always awesome places to take kids but this one is full of fun nooks and crannies. There’s everything from a chapel to a piece of bomb still stuck in a wall. Kids of all ages go bananas here!  There is a massive yard with permanent breezes that set the stage for perfect kite flying.

We were lucky that baptismal celebrations took place everywhere from Condado to Guaynabo to a beautiful luncheon in Cayey. Located amongst the spectacular mountains, Cayey is a must see! Cayey is also home to the Carite Forest Reserve, over 6,000 acres of magnificent terrain. This is a fun place to hike, explore and disconnect from the world.

Needing a little beach bumming after hiking, sightseeing and partying, we splurged and spent a few nights at the Caribe Hilton which most of all is a parent’s dream come true! There’s everything from mini golf to tennis to a kids’ playground. They even have a bird sanctuary with peacocks and ducks. The shallow beach makes it perfect for kids to wade in, but what I loved most was that the hotel provided ample beach toys for our kids to play with.

In conclusion, our time in Puerto Rico with kids was glorious. We can’t wait to go back and explore the rest of the island as there’s so much to see and do! Hasta Pronto Puerto Rico!

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