The 5 best places in the Ponce Puerto Rico area

La Guancha in Ponce Puerto Rico

Sometimes we want to get more of our vacation in Puerto Rico and the San Juan area. There are no plans made, just too much free time and a lot of desire to escape the screen of the cell phone and notifications of social networks. That’s why Ponce Puerto Rico in the south area of the Island is a great alternative for your next visit.

Here are 5 places where you can visit in the South zone of Puerto Rico!

1) Paseo Tablado La Guancha, Ponce

This is the “classic”, normal for a “chillin” day. This place has one of its attractions to this family place that so many visit daily. Drinks, typical meals and the fraternization between friends, family and colleagues are the order of the day in this place. The boardwalk is home to beautiful sunsets and where you can appreciate the wonders of our Island without having to make much physical effort or go far. The nature also puts its part in this place, when arriving to the pelicans during hours of the afternoon and to give a spectacle to the visitors that come together in this ponceño heritage.

2) La Soplaera, Peñuelas

This beautiful river has cold water and a soothing sound of your waterfall is something that is worth repeating . La Soplaera is the balance between being on your way to the South and giving you a “little escape” and a cold dip, since it is 35 minutes (approximately) from Ponce.

3) Punta Ventana, Guayanilla

This beautiful and desolate beach has this name for a reason, it is a window to some beautiful sunsets and panoramic views that you have to see for yourself to believe it. It is the perfect place to run “mountain bike”, as the main entrance is quite far from the beach. If you are one of those people looking for extreme, you can also climb the rocks and reach the top, something I recommend do for the reward of satisfaction to get a beautiful view, which is well deserved, after that effort. You will know when you get to the site because the “eye” that characterizes this beach is extremely impressive.

4) Nature Reserve of Isla Caja de Muertos, Ponce Puerto Rico

Surrounded by the beauty of the South area and crystal clear waters, the Natural Reserve also has the Pelican Beach, one of the most beautiful and well-kept wonders of Puerto Rico. The Organization “Blue Flag”, has awarded this Nature Reserve with the prestigious distinction of being one of the best for five consecutive years. It is home to protected species such as sea turtles, among others.

5) Pico Rodadero, Yauco

A place of dreams, where you can really appreciate the peace and beauty of the southern landscape that contributes so much to the wonders of our Island. A bit Difficult to access as it usually rains regularly. Great for extreme adventures, Rodadero is one of those challenges in life that you definitely have to put on your “bucket list”.

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